What we can do

  • Utilize microfiber technology to decrease water and chemical usage and reduction of paper waste.
  • Choose zero & low VOC chemicals, green seal approve that are safer for people and the environment.
  • Use portion controlled dilution control dispensing systems.
  • Choose paper products and trash liners that offer source reduction and post-consumer recycled content and control inventory.
  • Choose high quality HEPA vacuum cleaners approved but the rug institute ¬†that are built to improve indoor air quality through superior filtrate.
West Pacific

Green Cleaning Program
(Per Green Partners Support)

Buildings Consume:

  • 39% of total energy
  • 70% of total electricity
  • 12% of total potable water
  • 40% of total raw materials

Cleaning Buildings Consume:

  • 5 billion pounds of chemicals annually
  • 4.5 billion pounds of paper annually
  • 36 billion trash liners annually
  • 20 million vacuum cleaners annually
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West Pacific
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